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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wasp nests - a landlords responsibility?

Wasp nest removal - a landlords responsibility?

I received a call this morning saying that my tenant has a wasp nest and that the wasps were entering the bedroom were the tenants young kids sleep.  Obviously, there was no intention to pull on my heart strings here.

Legislation governing removal of pests from a rental property

The legislation governing the removal of pests and vermin in a rental property is clear.  Unless there is specific provision in the tenancy agreement to the contrary the removal of pests such as: wasps, rodents, bed bugs are the tenant responsibility once they take up residency.  However, if as in my case the tenants have been longstanding (over 10 years) and they pay the rent then to make a big issue about the removal of one wasp nest seems a little petty.  I could argue the toss with them but sometimes, it pays to be a little generous.  In this case I have caved in.  On who is responsible for maintaining the garden ....that's another issue!

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