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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Most landlords only have one property

Most landlords only have one rental property according to research by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the London School of Economics, although this figure has been evolving. 

Back in 2010 the research showed 78% of landlords owned a single rental property, but six years on and that figure has fallen to 63%. 

It appears many single property landlords have bought another one or two properties over the intervening years, with the proportion of landlords with small portfolios of 2-4 rental properties growing from 17% in the 2010 to 30% this year.

Despite this shift, the majority of PRS landlords still see themselves as part-timers, with the percentage of landlords saying that managing property was not their main occupation increasing to 95% - up from 92% in 2010.

87% of landlords manage their portfolio financials as private individuals and not as companies.

In terms of revenue, 90% of landlords report that rental profits makes up under half of their total income.

NOTE : This 2016 survey covers English landlords only, whereas the 2010 survey was UK wide.

cml rental income data 2016

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