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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

London Council letting agency flops

Haringey Council launched its own letting agency back in October 2015 and it's a flop. 

The council agency, branded Move 51 Degrees North ( catchy ?? )  has let out just 2 rental properties over the course of these ten months!

With the agency start up and running costs totalling £406,618 that is not what anyone could describe as  a 'stellar performance', nor would it be the kind of business to set the crowdfunding platforms all a twitter. 

I've known far bigger letting agency flourish from a stool in a coffee shop, with the outlay costs of a laptop, a mobile phone and a two shot cappuccino. 

Thankfully for us its only tax payers money gone down the pipe- (breaths out an a exasperated sigh)

Sadiq Khan - take note.

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