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Friday, August 26, 2016

Section 21 notice which one to use?

Here is the quickest and most succint guide to which section 21 notice to use and what notice to give your tenants from our legal partners at Seatons 

Which Section 21 Notice?

After October 2015 – always use 6A

Pre October 2015:

o   If in fixed term then s21(1)

o   If out of fixed term and there is no mention of what happens at the end of the term (i.e. no mention of periodic tenancy) then s21(1)

o   If always contractual then s21(4)

o   If out of fixed term but tenancy mentions periodic tenancy therefore making it contractual rather than statutory then s21(4)

What notice period?

With the s21(1) just has to be two months.

With the s21(4) has to be at least two months and at end of tenancy period.

For more guidance on how to fill in a section 21 notice

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