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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Landlording life and death

Chris Horne
Landlording can not only be a serious occupation it can be a matter of life and death.  I was shocked today with a text from one of my tenants  who in the first sentence wanted to paint the bathroom.  In the next breath he just dropped in the fact that his mum had unexpectedly died.  What do you say? 

Dealing with the death of a tenant

I've never yet had to deal with a death of a tenant in one of my properties.  The text from my tenant just reinforces the fact that landlords do get involved in the lives in their tenants and sometimes this can be life or death.  There was a recent post in the Landlord Forum on obtaining vacant possession after the death of tenants.  I hope I never have to experience this as I can only imagine the practicality of having to deal with your dead tenants belongings and their family being horrendous.

It does remind you that being a landlord is about dealing with real life and real life situations.  That makes it more than a job!

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