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Monday, August 01, 2016

Green tax to hit landlords in 2018

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Fraysse said...

I know many landlords will disagree with me but i see no reason we should expect our tenants to pay for capital improvements to our property. What next, increase the rent to cover the cost of replacing a leaking roof or failing plaster?

Anonymous said...

This will not effect many absent landlords in my area, two houses have sold in my own road in the last three weeks, via the duffel bag full of £50 notes method, even via a solicitor. This is not a joke, and even I am surprised. Most of the landlords don't care about their houses, as long as the benefit paid-for rent comes in on time, and some are in a decrepit state, but as long as those from East European counties are prepared to live in them, they have no qualms in doing nothing. This new law will mean nothing, they will not implement it, unless ordered to do so by the council. How? By saying they bought it for a relative!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fraysee. We need less ridiculous schemes by government. If landlords want to (or are forced to) do certain things, then this should be recovered via higher rents. Rents are increasing at a fast pace anyway, as they need to do to keep pace with imposed costs.