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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips on landlords getting block insurance

Here are a few tips for landlords that need to insure a whole block of flats provided by specialist landlord insurance brokers Alan Boswell.

First of all any landlord needs to start by having a thorough understanding of the freehold and leasehold obligations affecting the residential block that they own.

The legal title documents will set out who is responsible for insuring the residential block. In some cases it will be the landlord in other cases the landlord block insurance may well be the responsibility of the management company.

In most cases the cost of any landlord block insurance will be past on to the individual leaseholders who own individual flats within the block according to the provisions of the lease. A landlord will still need to ensure that they obtain adequate landlord block insurance to meet their legal obligations. They should check with a professional landlord insurance company that the landlord insurance policy chosen does so.

Are you a leaseholder requiring further advice?

A good landlord insurance broker will search the market for a block insurance that will suit your requirements. For instance does the landlord insurance cover you for:

* Communal contents
* Gardening equipment
* Glass breakage
* Damage to cables and drains
* Engineering breakdown
* Damage to CCTV

Because of the specialist nature of landlord block insurance it's always advisable to get specialist advice from a reputable landlord insurance broker.

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