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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Progress at the Penthouse

It's the first development project I've done in 10 years. I confess I got fed up (burnt out actually) of endless trips to IKEA to source kitchens for a production line of buy-to-let refurbs done with per functionary low spec fittings.  I do now have a portfolio of income producing properties which are the bedrock of my pension provision and also have provided me a very welcome income during the last few years as I transitioned from employed council lacky to a fully fledged businessman (grand title I know).  They are cashcows but no longer excitement as potential development projects.

Penthouse property has huge potential

I'm loving my new found upmarket project being able to delve into the world of high end fittings, kitchens, creative lighting schemes and the opportunity to create a stunning and unique space at my penthouse. Following a site visit on Friday the second bedroom has take shape and looks surprisingly large. First fix electric are largely in and most of the rip out of the existing tired bathroom, flooring and various other building material is complete.

I had forgotten the excitement of transforming a tired, dead property into something that people really appreciate as a living space.  For anybody that is looking to undertake a refurbishment project for the first time whether buy-to-let or otherwise the thing that you do need is excitement and vision for the possibility of what is to come.  The takeaways from my site visit are:

1. Need to chase the freeholder for the necessary consents
2. Check out spiral staircases (the problem seems to be that I can buy them online but really cant see them anywhere to see what they look like in the flesh!) Essentially I have to check the fixings to make sure it all works on site.
3. Look at flooring
4. Resolve the gaps and noise issue in the atrium
5. Design the built in wardrobe

I'm already looking forward to seeing the spiral staircase reinstated and the fabulous reclaimed wooden flooring being installed. 

For now all this is just a vision in my head but the dream will keep me going through the dark days of Winter. be updated.

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