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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finding investment property

One of the fun parts of investing in property for me is finding your property or golden nugget.  It's that feeling that you've found an undervalued asset that others have either overlooked or just not found yet.  Exciting!

Even now when I'm not really looking to invest any more in property I find myself drawn to property portals just to see what is available and whether there is an opportunity.

I'm currently refurbishing a Penthouse apartment in the centre of Nottingham (currently trying to choose the spiral staircase) as the most pressing job.  In addition I'm trying to finalise the purchase of a Peak District barn conversion as a potential holiday let.  So really I've got my property hands pretty full.

Couple of interest property portals

Despite all this I came across a couple of interesting websites that gave me my property fix.  The first is an international website called global property guide that allow you to evalulate the relative attractiveness and returns of global property markets.  I still haven't given up on the idea of buying abroad.  At the moment it wouldn't make sense.  I've not got the time to holiday let alone live abroad.

If you are looking at buying investment property in the UK the there is Pring.  It has a few useful features in that it highlights potential properties that may make good investments and then gives you the potential returns available.

Is finding property a sport or a pastime.  If it's the former then it's a great way of working out without working up a sweat and for most of us far more financially rewarding!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"......just to see what is available and whether there is an opportunity"

.... or even a risk, given likely fall in prices