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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Young want more tax on landlords

The Intergration Foundation that campaigns for a readjustment in the economy to help bridge the financial gap between generations has proposed a reduction in tax incentives on buy-to-let properties, including making landlords pay National Insurance on their unearned income, and the ending of landlords been able to offset mortgage payments against tax.

Im sorry this kind of talk is putting me right off the youngsters, can't we just increase their pocket money?

Read the full list of suggestions on Channel 4 news.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just read the full list on Channel 4. Difficult to argue against really. Even as a landlord. The redistribution of wealth must happen somehow. Anyone who has half a brain knows that we've been living a ponzi scheme for 30+ years and that those who've increased their personal wealth through house prices and have a final salary pension have literally stolen the future of those younger.

The redistribution is happening anyway by parents and grandparents paying deposits and buying cars for their children.

May as well formulate something - we've been, and are continuing to live, the biggest con.