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Friday, January 20, 2012

Problem LHA tenants

Latest poll figures from website Spareroom reveals that almost 9 out of 10 landlords have had problems with tenants on benefit.

The poll indicated that 87% of landlords who accept housing benefit tenants have had issues with rent not being paid on time, with one in ten (11%) saying they have had tenants who stopped paying their rent altogether.

A warning? Perhaps. A lot of landlords who are prepared to manage their LHA tenants carefully make a damn good living out of renting to people on benefits. The secret is that you need to manage your tenants more actively especially at the beginning to ensure the tenancy proceeds smoothly in the long run.

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Alan Robinson said...

Hi Ed,

There's nothing wrong with LHA tenants, as long as you use a Credit Union account or similar account as the tenants can't/don't have acces to the rental funds. The credit union then BACS it to us (the agent) to pay the landlords. Simples....

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan. Can you go into a bit more detail please. Very interested in this idea but don't quite understand how they can't have access to funds.