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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

LSC - it's not worth it!

I have just had my gas safety certificates done for another year on 6 of the properties that I rent out. At £40 per property for checking the oven and the boiler it's not cheap but it's affordable given that I'd be fined up to £5000 for each offence if caught without one.

There is also the moral aspect. Could you really live with yourself if one of your tenants suffered as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning or worse died. I have the slightly macabre accolade of visiting the abandoned buy-to-let in Nottingham where two young brother died from CO poisoning which prompted this legislation back in the late 80s. I can't imagine what kind of life this landlord must have had following these deaths.

Department of Health statistics reveal that over a 12 month period 50 people have died from carbon monoxide and 4000 have attended A & E over a 12 month period. A further report showed that 34% of people are living in rental properties with out of date safety check records.

A plumber I met recently told me that one of his regular landlord customers has decided not to get the gas safety check done on his 40 property buy-to-let portfolio this year, deciding instead to have it done the following year. Come on landlords that really isn't good enough. What price peace of mind!

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1 comment:

Claire Rizos said...

A useful reminder to landlords but can I just point out the actual penalty for gas offences, as confirmed in HSE literature 'imprisonment or a fine of up to £20 000, or both, for each offence. If the case is then referred to the Crown Court the maximum penalty may be imprisonment, or an unlimited fine, or both (per offence).' As you say the moral argument should be enough, particularly as CO poisoning causes permanent loss of function for those affected.