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Thursday, January 05, 2012

The property hangover

New year and Christmas parties are now gone and it's time to return to the mess that has been left, time for the tidy up.

That goes for the property market party that many of us managed to enjoy from the late nineties through to the 2007 when last orders were rang.

We've all be suffering a dull hangover for the past four years except for some South Eastern landlords who have continued to party.

Lets just be thankful that we didn't travel over for the Irish property market party, recent survey shows that Dublin property prices are now 65 percent down from their peak, meaning that investors are probably still in casualty getting their stomach pumped. You know what the Irish are like for over indulging they really need to learn a little self restraint.

Let's us hope that 2012 continues to bring a relatively stable readjustment to UK property prices, more of a soft deflation in real terms than an outright crash.

Like a balloon slowly deflating over the week following the party than an outright pop, here's to abstinence in 2012.

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