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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Landlord licences on student property

Brighton landlords may have to pay £700 for a landlord licence on student houses.

The council says that it would help manage the problems of late night noise in student areas if they are provided good quality housing? Because? Because if you have a nice house as a student you're less likely to go out drinking? Obviously Brightons local councilors never went to university, well butchers don't I suppose, aren't most councilors aged butchers?
Now don't we all know the true reason, it's a good way of raising extra cash without effecting your local vote popularity. Lets face it students won't vote in the council elections and most landlords don't vote at all, as that would involve recognising that they are answerable to 'the man'.

The Council leader Bill Randall (I'm not sure if he's a butcher or retired butcher) said: "This would benefit the community where it's about the litter and the noise from student houses." WHY?

David Cichon, local student president said that costs for licensing would just be passed on to students.

Yes of course David, but local councilors don't care because you're not local and none of you will vote in the local elections anyway. Just put it on your student loans and move on off to London when you've finished your studies. Feel free to move back when you've finished with the late night partying. Maybe when you've got young children.

David goes on to say "It will decrease the quality of housing and increase the price of housing for students in Brighton." So, just give us the £700 so we can spend it on the locals.

Landlord licences, a great way for local councils to raise cash in times of austerity without upsetting the local voters.

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