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Monday, January 30, 2012

An Electric Boiler Query?

Can anyone help Rozanne? She contacted us recently after reading the article about the Green Deal. My experience of electric boiler is non existent. Maybe other landlords have come across them in their travels and could point her in the right direction?

"Thank you for this information which is interesting. One issue which I think might be linked to this is the latest requirement for gas fired boiler flues to have an inspection hatch within 1.5 metres of any join. This has to be in place by the end of 2012 and will be part of all future gas boiler servicing. Any boiler not found to be compliant by the end of this year will be condemned. My research has shown that to satisfy this new requirement could cost up to £1,000 and result in unsightly inspection hatches in the ceiling of rooms through which the flue goes. As a result I am inclined to switch from gas fired boilers in my rental flats to electric boilers as these have the added benefit of not needing annual safety inspections and certificates. I wonder how the Green Deal mentioned in your article will affect this? I have found it quite difficult to find impartial advice on which electric boiler to fit and if you are aware of any source of this information I should be most grateful to have it."

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Jamie Morgan said...

I think that the prerequisite here of saving money on annual inspections and not needing suitable inspection points are very short term.

If the electrical regulations were followed verbatim, then no consumer unit would be situated beneath stairs anymore due to the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations and safe working space/distances for electricians on live installations.

From my point of view as a contractor, the more often a landlord has people in their property, the more chance there is of catching problem tenants before issues arise.

gas plumbing said...

Keep the area around your unit free of clutter. Do not use your boiler as a storage area.