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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My tenants are hassling me!

Generally, I'm one of the lucky landlords. Reasonable tenants. No major tenant arrears (so far...I am keeping everything crossed as I write this!)

However, despite this apparent trouble and care free relationship with my tenants and the buy-to-let portfolio I have notice recently I'm getting a steady stream of small niggling issues.

The tenants are hassling me!

Could it be my middle aged disposition or are tenants getting more demanding?

On the 'TO DO" LIST this week.

1. A tenant who is still insisting she needs her full quota of 4 thousand channels available on Freeview ( a new digital aerial!)
2. Another tenant who keeps having blockage issues with his upstairs sink (a single man living on his own - best not think too much about this!)
3. A new tenant couple who have sent me an essay of an email pointing out things that need doing (in a very nice way).

I did finally get one of my tenants deposits returned from the Deposit Protection Service. RESULT and despite my earlier frustrations.

There is only one thing for it. Practice my yoga breathing. Rise above it and work my way the through the list and hope next week it will be shorter!

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1 comment:

jason @ security door chains said...

Hey! You're a landlord! You're supposed to be hassled! :)