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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Chrismas Carol for landlords

At Christmas we should all look to help those with less. To think about those less fortunate than our selves to help the wider community, help those who are struggling to keep heads above water to share in our fortune. Look out for the 'Tiny Tim's'.

Is it not right that society should be more equal, closer to some kind of socialist ideal, do we not have a morale obligation? Surely, things can only get better?

I mean is it right that one of the architects of the new fairer society Peter Mandelson, moved into an eight million pound house this year yet no one seems able to fathom out where the money came from to buy it?

I question whether the bankers are the ones we should really be bleating on about.

What about he politicians who manufactured the framework for the bankers to exist within and sanctioned that riotous unsustainable spending spree. The ones who have made the gap between 'those with' and 'those without' wider than at any time since Dickens was scribbling his story.

'Tony four mansions' and the ultimate in self serving socialism 'John fish and chips two jags'. (Have you seen him on that insurance commercial?) Did their morale barometers crack over time or were they always just self serving opportunists out to rip off the unsuspecting voters right from the start.

Socialism. Bah, socialism? That's what I say.

Enjoy your turkey, whether that be a bronze organic free range norfolk or a Bernard Matthews vacuum packed roll for one. Whether you're royalty, celebrity, a millionaire or in a homeless shelter it all ends up in the same place.................the toilet.

Merry Christmas

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