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Saturday, December 17, 2011

First rent jitters

I've just got a new tenant.

For me as a landlord there is nothing more nerve racking than waiting for a new tenants first monthly rent to pop into my rental account.

The fact is; however nice and plausible a tenant appears to be there is always a possibility that you may have just entered into a rental contract with a professional scammer. One that pays the first months rent and deposit and then never pays another bean whilst you have the expensive and laborious process of getting possession.

It's always a relieve when the first rental payment arrives. So far so good!

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CliveJ said...

As well as this I find I get abit sweaty waiting for the 6th months rent. Even though you may have in writing that the tenant wishes to continue the original 6 month AST & form a statutory periodic tenancy, legally they could still leave at the expiry of the original AST, with no warning, meaning an instant void whilst you try to re-let at zero notice.

Paul Barrett said...

Rent Guarantee Icurance; nothing more to say.