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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wheelie bins - who pays?

The latest contact from my new tenant is a text informing me that the block of flats in which my 'luxury pad' is located has only 1 wheelie bin between 5 flats - not a good ratio given they should have one each.

It appears that the phantom wheelie bin thief of old Nottingham town has been up to his old tricks.

So given that the Council informs me that it is going to cost £10 to order a new wheelie bin who should pay for this?

If I refuse to provide another bin am I in breach of my obligations as set out in the Tenancy Agreement? Not that I'm aware of is my answer but other landlords may know differently.

So if I bite the bullet and come up with the cash for the sake of good sanitation and then the bin goes missing. Should I have to pay to replace it again or is it the tenants responsibility?

Am I making sense or just talking rubbish?

Landlords experiences of their own wheelie bin dilemmas would be appreciated.

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Nick said...

It strikes me that a key issue is whether the bin was on the Inventory

Anonymous said...

As a landlord myself i feel i would be responsible to replace the bins (try chaining then up?), is it for situations like this the reason why landlords insurance cover exists?

Anonymous said...

Who pays the council tax has the contract with the council? so are they not responsible for the bin ?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation and was told by my local council that it is my responsibility to provide the bin at the start of the tenancy, after that it is the tenant's responsibility to replace it if it goes missing

Unknown said...

The wheelie bins I've seen all have on them somewhere "Property of SmugTown Council"....

I'd suggest a polite, calm, letter/email from tenant to council request new bin should sort things...

Or are there other councils that don't own the bins??



Anonymous said...

It is an issue for the council tax payer only. If the tenant is the tax payer then they should have arranged the first/replacement bin and keep it safe. If your the tax payer then it falls to you.
A bit of trivia for you..Some councils replace stolen bins at a charge but destroyed (eg fire) free of charge.

Dorchscot said...

My bins stopped walking when I painted the house number on them in two foot high numbers.