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Friday, June 11, 2010

Death of landlord licence

The landlord licence is officially DEAD!

This is something Property Hawk had been campaigning against from the outset!

Thank God for that!

The most absurd & pointless part of New Labour's deluge of legislation attempting to tie landlords in bureaucratic knots was killed yesterday when new Housing Minister announced to Parliament that the new Government had no plans to introduce the Labour Parties regulations on the private rented sector. Immediately he binned the landlord registration scheme, the proposed licensing of letting agents and the need for a written tenancy agreement.

Any landlord who claimed at the time of the election. "What's the difference between the parties; they are all the same." Can't surely still be thinking this.

The new government clearly believes that there comes a point when we do have enough legislation to protect the interest of both the landlord and the tenant & that piling more and more layers of effectively duplicate and pointless control will do neither any favours. The only gainers being the bureaucrats that would be ultimately administer the pointless scheme.

Government bins changes

Grant Shapps rightly pointed to the reams of existing legislation that is there to enforce order in the Private Rental Sector.

He said:

"With the vast majority of England's three million private tenants happy with the service they receive, I am satisfied that the current system strikes the right balance between the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords."

"So today I make a promise to good landlords across the country: the Government has no plans to create any burdensome red tape and bureaucracy, so you are able to continue providing a service to your tenants."

"But for the bad landlords, I am putting councils on alert to use the range of powers already at their disposal to make sure tenants are properly protected."

So landlords, we can all sleep and little easier at night knowing that we can get on with our business of letting decent quality accommodation to decent tenants & housing 12% of the countries population at NO COST TO THE TAX PAYER as a right & without the need to get permission first from an over bearing government.

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Anonymous said...

Are they abolishing legislation to make landlords of HMO's apply for planning permission too?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - well done for campaigning for so long and so hard

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Does this apply to Northern Ireland ? I received only yesterday an update form the council saying that the Housing Minister here was considering the introduction of a "landlord register"????

The Editor said...

Hi Ken, The law in NI is different to that of England & Wales so this does not necessarily apply to NI landlords. Perhaps you should start a campaign against it to ensure that NI landlords don't end up being burdened by such a pointless piece of paper. Good luck!

The Editor said...

Just to clarify. This announcement relates to proposed legislation by the former Labour Government. The planning regulations have already been changed and come into force. This makes the removal of this control more problematic. I know that the now Housing Minister Grant Shapps has criticised the change to the planning laws. Lets hope that he does not forget about them and prioritises a quick reversal of this change. Property Hawk will certainly be campaigning for it.

Anonymous said...

Its so nice to hear that someone has finally seen a bit of common sense and the Landlord Licence is no longer with us.

Well done you for staying with it for so long and campaigning so hard. People are beginning to realise who they are messing with !!!!!!!!!!!! Long may you continue

Unknown said...

We need to keep the Labour party out for a while so that the coilition can sort out the mess they have left.

Anonymous said...

Thats good news - well down for your campaigning too.

J Hambling said...

Thats excellent news. Any news on LHA for private landlords I am still waiting for my local MP to answer my questions as to why Private landlords cant be paid direct like Housing associations!!

Anonymous said...

In scotland landlords must register with local authorities. It's not such a bad idea in my opnion.

Anonymous said...

Newcastle upon Tyne council plan to introduce "selective" licensing for a specific area in September at quite a cost and for no apparent good to decent landlords like myself. Does the death of the licensing proposal encompass this too?

The Editor said...

Hi Raymondo I'm afraid not. The Housing Act 2004 gave powers to LA to set up blanket licensing schemes in certain areas where they considered it was required.