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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dont panic Captain Mainwaring!

Landlords may have a read my post last week in which I berated myself for not getting a new tenant to sign a section 21 notice.

Well the good news is that the rent has turned up. The tenant responded straight away to my enquiring answerphone message by getting straight back to me to explain that the standing order had been set up & the delay in the transfer was down to the Bank Holiday. PHEW!

The first rental payment is always a worrying time for any landlord. It's this time when a landlord will have revealed whether despite their careful tenant selection procedures, they have actually ended up with the tenant from hell.

In a bout of generosity and to prove that I am not a 'tight arsed landlord'. I have promised the tenant a new carpet. I popped round this week and was pleasantly surprised how good the place looked. The new tenant had got busy and had completely re-decorated the apartment. I had agreed at the outset he could.

So. I'm a slightly more relieved or more correctly a little less stressed. I'm hoping that Chris my new tenant proves to be a good long term tenant. The early signs are promising, but as any experienced landlord knows and to bring in a footballing metaphor.

Landlording can be a funny old game!

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