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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tescoisation of rental market

I've just been reading an interesting post on LandlordZone about the threat landlords face from the big property firms and institutions.

The big boys have seen the profits small private landlords have been making over the years and have decided they'd like to re-create it at an amplified scale.

As the government looks around desperately for a cheap fix on the housing shortage crisis it maybe that they are ready to bring some tax concessions for the big boys to get things moving.

For example don't be surprised if we see changes to stamp duty so that the big boys can get away with paying on each property and not on the whole development value, as well as other incentives to developers on VAT.

Watch out the 'little man' the blueprint was set with the demise of the small shopkeeper and the 'Tescoisation' of Britain, the future for the private sector is bound to follow the retail sectors template.

The salvation for many small landlords might also be found in the evolution of the retail sector, ie, offering niche, unique and specialist products ..... one to think about over the coming years.

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