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Saturday, June 05, 2010

TV licences who's responsible?

With the World Cup almost upon us I hope you have got your HD box all set up and working.

I've just got mine. I know that alot of technology disappoints. My back bedroom is a grave yard of failed technology dreams. But trust me. HD is great.

So landlords. If your tenant has a TV who is responsible for paying the TV licence?

Check this recent article to find out whether you the landlord or the tenant needs to pay.

In the spirit of the World Cup if there is a disagreement between you and the tenant; you could always go to a penalty shootout.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would a landlord want to provide a tv with all the subsequent hassle over repairs and replacement?

What is more important to clarify is that, if a landlord provides a TV aerial, but the aerial cannot receive digital tv once the signal is switched over, is the landlord obligated to provide a new aerial (or dish) to the property?

Good customer service would sugest a landlord should make this investment to keep a tenant happy, but you'd be surprised at the number who look for any excuse not to.

The Editor said...

Hi thanks for your comments. I agree most landlords don't provide TVs even in furnished accommodation. However, some 'accidental' landlords that have an old TV knocking about might think that leaving it with the tenant is doing them a favour. They may then not realise the potential obligation that they are exposed to.

Interesting point on the digital switch over.

Landlords who want to make their property attractive in particular to younger renters should ensure that their buy-to-let property is properly set up to a decent digital reception either cable, Freesat, or a decent digital signal.

Anonymous said...

thank you