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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garage repair trials

I'm in the process of trying to get a garage door repaired.

You'd think it would be pretty straight forward right.....

A new roller or maybe a rail & job done. Oh no!

I have engaged the builders equivalent of Cannon & Ball to do the work & a month on despite several attempts to identify the problems and repair the door I still do not have a functioning garage door.

What I have discovered from my single 'speculative' advert on Gumtree that I'm sitting on a gold mine judging by the number of enquiries about my garage to let I'm still receiving. If only I could get the bloo...y garage door fixed!

After several attempts by 'bodget & son' to repair the door have failed we are now on to plan B. This being to get a completely new garage door. Again not as simple or cheap as I'd hoped. The garage door was manufactured by Apex in the 80's who have since been taken over by Cardale. All this I gleaned from a very useful website selling garage door spares.

Insurance disappointment.

Originally, I'd thought that I'd be able to get my garage door fixed for 50 quid or so. Now I need a new door it's going to be £500+. I thought at this stage I'd see if I could share some of the pain with my landlord insurance company. turns out that there is a £500 excess on malicious damage on my policy. Therefore, the minimum cost for any repair looks as if it's going to be £500.

Still worth it.

Despite all the hassles I'm still pressing ahead with the work. Why bother you may ask? Well it's simple. The sum of £500 per year for renting my garage. That's £500 in perpetuity. How much would I need in a saving account to generate that at our current miserly interest rates.

Sometimes it ain't easy being a landlord mind you it could be worse. I might have a proper terrible would that be.....

If you do have strong feeling about garage doors or indeed being a landlord please feel free to share them by posting a comment!

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