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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Landlords - Student lettings

I've got a house that I rent out. It's full of student tenants. Student tenants are horrible. Smelly, dirty creatures that leave mess and create havoc.

Unfortunately student tenants need furniture. I'd give them an orange crate and a mattress if I could get away with it. Apparently that's not allowed.

There are all sorts of regulations for landlords controlling the type of furniture that is acceptable for a landlord to use in their residential investment property. Not only has a landlord got to comply with these regulations a landlord who lets through one of the university approved letting schemes such as UNIPOL or uses a specialist website such as Accommodation for Students produces a whole raft of furniture that they require a landlord to have.

Student landlords - do you need specialist landlord insurance?

One thing that landlords need to watch out for is that bedding and upholstered furniture is fire resistant and meets the correct regulations affecting rental property. Personally I don't see why the government bother. From what I've seen of student tenants behaviour they are all going to burn in hell anyway.

I must go...Miss Jones is having some teething problems with here new water bed. I suggested she get one because I can't afford the new sprinkler system that the council wanted.

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