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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy-to-let newbies -time to invest?

I'm heartened as a long standing residential investor when I start seeing articles like this one on the non specialist landlord site Motley Fool. It is the fact that the general media is starting to tire of buy-to-let and believes that no longer is residential property investment the way to make instant profits. This is great because it scares away the hoards of amateur landlords that in recent years has made picking up a property investment bargain almost impossible.

Landlords - buy-to-let mortgage quotes - 1 SIMPLE FORM

Potential buy-to-let investors should not be put off by the change in the general medias 'mood music' towards residential property investment. What potential landlords and investors need to do is stay focused on their long-term goals. Newbie buy-to-let investors should be thinking in terms of a 15-20 year investment which will take us well past the current down turn in the housing market and probably into another boom and possibly another bust given they tend to come along every 15-20 years.

Buy-to-let newbies - keep your powder dry

My advice to potential newbie property investors is to "keep your powder dry" so don't rush in to the market now whilst prices are still falling. However, once they stabilise ignore the general media who will no doubt be peddling stories that "buy-to-let is dead". Find yourself a nice investment property bargain at auction, probably a solid 2 bed Victorian house in a good area that need a little bit of work. Stick to the 3 pillars of buy-to-let and in 20 years time you wont regret it.

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