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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Landlords -getting a plumber

Getting my plumber to one of my residential properties is almost as difficult as getting Miss Jones out on a date.

The process normally starts several months prior to an actual visit. First, its a case of establishing contact. I do my best to lay on the charm, be sociable, ask him how he is, show concern that his pet parrot is off colour.

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Getting a date
We establish what is the problem and I normally give him the details of the residential investment property and the tenants contact details so that he can arrange at his convenience when he wants to go around. I try and pin him down to a date (not literally - Miss Jones would certainly not be impressed) as to when he intends to have made the first inspection. "By the end of the week" I tentatively suggest.

Then, the merry dance ensues. I phone the tenant, they inform me that there has been no sign or sound from the plumber. I chase the plumber. Oh dear - his vans off the road, his fuel pumps gone. I suggest that may be he could cycle round, or if necessary crawl there. He appears to think me impertinent. He concedes that he will try and get round. I don't hold my breath.

Saving money
Meanwhile the tenant grows more impatient and thinks I'm just using delay tactics to avoid spending money on my residential investment property. I refute that. I don't mind money on my buy-to-let property if I have to, I just don't like wasting money.

The truth is my plumber is cheap, incredibly cheap. He charges £40 for a landlord safety check with two appliances. This is why I indulge him in his slightly eccentric ways.

I have thought about getting insurance for boilers - it's always the boilers that go. I know that some of the boilers are getting on a bit and if this winter was as eventful as last it would probably save me a lot of hassle and conversations about his ailing parrot.

Should I get boiler insurance?

Miss Jones has come up with an explanation about while I am having problems getting the plumber to the job. Her theory is that I've actually been talking to the parrot not the plumber. Come to think about it. He does always reply to every comment.

"I'll be round next week".

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