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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give the dog a bone / home

I almost dropped my washing up after reading this news that 75% of landlords are shunning tenants with dogs. For a nation of so called dog lovers I thought it was a poor show. However, in some ways I am not surprised.

I'm a dog lover, but equally I know what a mess and smell they can cause. This is acceptable if the mess is created in your own home because it is only you that has to endure it. However, in the case of rented property very often the tenant will not be there for more than a few months (the average is nine). This means that a landlord is then confronted with trying to clear up after Rover has left the building.

Landlord insurance - where do professional landlords go?

Flipside to letting to tenants with pets
The flipside to all this is because so many landlords are put off tenants with pets such as dogs once they have found somewhere because of the inherent difficulties of having to find replacement accommodation the tenant is likely to stay much longer. The essential thing for a landlord is to have a strategy in place and for this to be worked out and agreed in advance with the tenant. For instance if you are going to accept a tenant with a pet ensure that you take a sizable deposit which will cover any redecorating costs or damage. Make sure that you as the landlord prepare a thorough inventory so that if any disputes arises that you can prove categorically to the courts the condition the property was in before Fido appeared on the scene.

Here's a thought; what about including an additional rental charge for Fido during his occupation? Lets face it kennels don't come cheap!

Don't worry Bettie (my trusty Border Terrier) I wouldn't give you up for all the terraces in Kensington.

Would you take a tenant with a pet? Post your view below

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