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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Landlords going abroad for their buy-to-let loans

It's alright for some landlords!

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The rich always get more choices and that seems to extend to obtaining buy-to-let loans as well according to the FT at the weekend.

Wealthy buy-to-let property investors are by passing mainstream UK lenders to take advantage of more favourable terms provided by some foreign banks.

Some European lenders are offering lower arrangement fees, higher loan-to-values and less stringent rental requirements.

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All I can say, it's all right for some. The rest of us have to endure the tightening mortgage conditions and exorbitant mortgage application fees. Although it is still possible for landlords to avoid paying application fees altogether. Property Hawk reported this lenders as offering fee free buy-to-let mortgage products

The only thing is with these products is that landlords will probably need to jump through plenty of hoops to be able to access these buy-to-let mortgage products and also that the lenders pay rate on these buy to let mortgage products could be higher.

Talking of jumping through hoops, Bettie my trusty border terrier wants to go for her walk and mustn't keep the lady waiting!

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