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Monday, July 14, 2008

Landlords Left to Negotiate with a Slippery Character Thanks to Student Tenant

Landlords have some strange things left by student tenants.

Students are a funny, dis-organised bunch who haven't quite got it all together to reach a level of full adulthood.

The end of term can get very busy and it all gets a bit too much for the little sensitive souls.

When it comes to sorting out their possessions often there is a last day of feverish panic that ends up in some items been left behind, for the poor landlord to take down the local tip. This is all very annoying and tedious for us landlords, and for me always resulted in a couple of hours of chuntering and dis-content as I queued at the local tip to unload some forgotten, dirty clothes and a broken record turntable.

Kids heh - who'd have em?

This article in a local paper refers to the amount of stuff that is left in rented accommodation by student tenants, it reveals that traffic cones and shopping trolleys are still very popular.

However, it also recounts an incident when a live snake was left by a student tenant for a landlord to get to grips with.

Now that goes beyond the call of duty for any landlord.

Whats the worst or most bizarre item you've had left at a rental property?

A snake will be in the post for the winner.

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