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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How many TV licences does a landlord need?

TV is rubbish. It makes your eyes go square and as I think you will find Karl Marx once said it is the laxative of the masses! Not that I believe anything a politician says especially a commie one.

I don't watch it therefore I have no need for a TV licence.

That student lodger came down the other day hassling me to get one. He seemed to think that as the landlord it was my responsibility to legalise the consumption of his media fix.

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This gave me an opportunity to put him right on a few legal matters concerning our relationship as landlord and lodger.

Regulation on TV licences
Firstly, it is not a legal requirement that the landlord provides a TV licence. If those nice men in the white van come knocking it will be him that gets the fine not me. He reckons he is safe because he thinks he is uber cool because he watches his TV on his laptop using some strange contraption called the I-player. Well I have news for him. He does! This little bit of guidance on what devices qualify backs me up.

The only time a landlord may be liable for paying for the TV licence is if they provide a TV for the tenants in which case both may be jointly responsible depending on what the tenancy agreement says. The chances of me doing this are absolutely zero. There is no way I am going to proliferate this platform for porn and left wing liberal propaganda. I hope this little post puts landlords in the picture on their responsibilities with respect to TV licences.

Anyway I must go, I've promised to watch "Sex In The City" with Miss Jones.

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