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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spiteful tenant wrecks property

A landlord has been left with his mouth open after his tenant walks away from court without needing to pay for any of the £20,000 worth of damage he left at a rental property.

Teenage tenant Lee Davis smashed up the rental property in Darlington after been asked to leave after he stopped paying the rent. Fair enough you would think, but obviously not in Lees head.

The Judge said that he would of liked to of made Lee pay towards the repairs of the rental property but couldn't because he didn't have any money. He did consider forcing Lee to hand over his Doritos Grab Bag and can of Red Bull as some form of compensation to the landlord but decided against it.

The 'spiteful' tenant was ordered to do 300 hours of unpaid community service and to hopefully 'get a life'.

Maybe he could offer some of that time to his ex landlord to help clean up the mess he made.

Tip to landlords,- try not to rent to "tenants with nowt," they've got nothing to lose.

Read full classic Daily Mail outrage here

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Anonymous said...

And housing associations and similar organisations then wonder why it is so difficult to get their beloved clients into accommodation.
Obviously not all people on (or off) benefits are delinquents but unfortunately their image is not helped by people like this idiot Davis. It is for reasons such as this that landlords are perfectly justified in being fussy about who they take as tenants.
And they go on about poor, ill-treated tenants....

Anonymous said...

The Government needs to recognise this is a problem. It is very common for tenents to cancel the last months rent and say use the deposit to cover. So if there are damages to the property, you have nothing. Plus, this sort of conduct only encourages tenants to be negligent with the property....

Hundreds of millions of pounds are squandered when tenants trash property....

Anonymous said...

Why was the tenant given "community service"?.

Did the tenant get a criminal prosecution?

Nick Stott said...

I wonder if this landlord got a Guarantor for the Tenant? And I wonder how much help he got from the local authority to find a new place? Bet he was given priority for being 'Homeless' and placed in the Bond Scheme.
I'm mostly shocked that he bothered to turn up to Court at all! They usually don't bother as they know the Judge always sides with the Tenant!