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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More tenants challenge evictions

According to an eviction expert Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action more tenants are defending eviction cases at court with figures of defended cases rising from 9% last year to 13% so far this year.

Landlords especially inexperienced landlords going to court for the first time should be wary of 'professional tenants' who throw in a last minute defence in front of the judge leading to their case being adjourned. Because, of the recent court closure program adjournment times are lengthy which means that in many cases tenants are allowed to live 'rent free' in a landlord property pending the next court case where hopefully the landlord finally secures a possession order.

Does this sound familiar? Post your experiences below.

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Paul Barrett said...

This is absolutely correct; there are tenants out there that know all they have to do is pay a months rent and a deposit then stop paying can mean they may live rent free for up to 11 months because of the useless county court system,before they are evicted.
By then the property will have been repossessed by the mortgage company.
Therefore you MUST ensure your tenants pass and qualify for an RGI check.
Otherwise unless you have deep pockets you WILL lose your property.

Anonymous said...

Who is on the side of private landlords? My experience recently shocked me to the bones. We rented our buy-to-let home to a couple on benefit because they begged and begged us to let the home to them because they did not want to move far away from their children's current school.

We were naive to believe their lies and took them on with the promise that they would pay the deposit in instalments. They eventually left our home with so much mess and 4 months unpaid rent. They refused to supply information needed by Council to work out their last housing benefit and they secretly left our house after accumulating 4 months arrears.

The council refused to pay for the unpaid rent and we were left out to dry. Have you had similar experience please share with us how you dealt with it. Mimi Reading