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Monday, November 21, 2011

Your rented property cover

As a landlord you need to ensure that your rented property is insured.

One requirement of many insurance policies is to disclose any criminal convictions. This doesn't just apply to the person taking out the policy it applies to the occupants, therefore if one of your tenants has a criminal conviction that you do not declare to the insurance company you may find that your insurance policy is void.

The difficulty arises in getting this information, you could ask your tenant prior to the tenancy and hope your tenant is honest, however, this does not help if your tenant is dishonest or a criminal conviction arises at a later date and the tenant does not inform you.

If you do become aware of a criminal conviction you should report it to your insurance company immediately.

If you would like any advise on this or any other landlord legal advice please email me at or telephone me on 01623 448331.

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