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Monday, November 28, 2011

Scots landlords face double council tax

Scottish landlords  risking double council tax charges if they let their rental properties  stay empty for more than six months.

The Scottish Government are considering new regulations that will let local councils make additional charges to council taxes on properties that remain empty for long periods.

The proposed scheme aims to be an “incentive” for landlords to improve empty properties to bring them and back into letable use.

The money raised by the changes will then be used to help build more houses for rent according to politicians.

I can't imagine many local politicians are going to be against charging landlords a bit more cash , can you?

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Anonymous said...

seems a sensible move to me. if there is a housing shortage, any move designed to bring onstream unused properties is good news.

Paul Barrett said...

How can any 'normal' landlord afford to keep a place empty.
Unless they are selling it, refurbishing it or intending to live in it shortly.
Otherwise toally agree charge Council Tax to 'incentivise' bringing the property back into use.
I know with commercial properties that are empty to avoid business rates you have to remove the roof!!
Maybe a possibilty for residential property!!!!!?