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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time for a property pension?

The recently published Hutton Report on public sector pensions confirms what we all know.  Public sector pensions will be increasingly under pressure over the next few years.

Gone for ever is the system which allowed my dad to retire at 50 after working a FULL 26 years!

This time its public sector pensions that will have to catch up with economic reality.

I'm the first to admit that property is no panacea in terms of investments.  However, I'm glad that my pension provision is mainly locked up in my residential property portfolio.  Most importantly for me is that it gives me the control not the policy makers who refuse to be honest how long you will have to work for fear of risking political suicide.

If you want to retire before you are 70 or even 80 in the next 40 years you should seriously consider partly funding it with a property pension.

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PC B said...

So what's the suggested portfolio size to retire on then - some form of calculation would be helpful!

The Editor said...

I guess it depends on how large an income or capital sum you are planning for.

Anonymous said...

What about working up in £10k increments to £50k for example.