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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Landbanking scams BBC twigs

The BBC has finally twigged what we at Property Hawk have been warning investors about for years.

Namely, that there are numerous companies out their preying on unsuspecting investors who are sold pieces of worthless land on the basis it will shortly be upgraded to development land.

As a former town planner I know that in this country the chances of getting permission to build on random pieces of land even next to built up areas is zero.

Be warned! 

As they say if an investment proposition seems to be good to be true. 

It almost invariably is!

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Anonymous said...

God knows how they get my phone number but I was approached by a Landbank Scammer a few years ago. Such was the guys fervour with the 'wonder sell' I could only conclude that the call was a very dodgy one and hung up promptly!

Gareth C Thomas said... MUST help close these scammers down.

Google "Action Fraud" and report the company and any approach to the Police.

The same goes for:
- betting syndicates
- FX trading syndicates
- Carbon Offset Trading
- Anybody offering "shares" in something dodgy on Facebook.