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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Calls for landlords to be rated

Yet another call from an organisation; this time Consumer Focus for landlords to be rated.

Great.  I'd love to see a truly objective comprehensive service that would separate the cowboys out from the decent landlords.  I use sites like Trip Advisor and other hotel rating sites and find them really useful.

The problem for this well intentioned consumer groups is are you rating the landlord or the property?

That's not the same.  The fundamental problem is turnover.  I've got properties that have been rented for over 7 years.  Even if they became vacant tomorrow how many people would trust one rating by somebody 7 years ago.  Hotels with a 100 rooms could easily get 10s if not hundreds of ratings per year.  Useful and objective information for the consumer.

So guys at consumer focus.  Nice idea and well intentioned.  But in practice 'no idea' like many of the people who work for these public funded organisations.

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