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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shelter criticise PRT, again

Shelter continue to scare and doom monger about the private rented sector. As with all campaign groups it thrives off sensationalism and the spot lighting of individual extreme cases, never a balanced view. I guess that's what they do, so fair enough.

However they never seem to recognise that the private rented sector is a competitive flexible market place that allows tenants to pick, choose and move on.

It's flexibility also enables tenants that do fall into the arms of this mythical 'much touted rogue landlord' to move out relatively sharpish and hopefully learn from their experience. As well as a clear legal process that enables the tenant to report any broken regulations or illegal practices by the landlord and a very balanced tenancy deposit scheme that will prevent a landlord trying to profit from any unreleased deposit.

Seems pretty fair to me, not perfect I admit, but neither are any of the professions, police, NHS, teaching, lets be honest are full of imperfections of the most extreme levels.

Maybe we all need to recognise that life's not perfect, and it wont be made any better by making everyone carry badge or a certificate to say there are safe to wipe their own backsides.

Thankfully Grant Shapps seem to be a man who lives in a real world and has become far less interested in listening to Shelters further calls for a ridiculous and wasteful landlord licensing scheme.

Maybe we need some kind of accreditation of common sense and living in the real world, something the likes of Shelter and Ed Balls and the majority of the Labour cabinet would struggle to achieve.

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