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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips On Tenancy Deposit Disputes 26: Be Clear

Tip 26: Be clear
These blog posts are all about helping you to avoid some of the many pitfalls that cause landlords to lose a disproportionate number of deposit protection disputes. Some of the things most likely to cause your claim to fail can seem to be the most obvious mistakes.
As an adjudicator, one of the most disappointing sights is a muddled claim. Adjudicators, like most office workers, are under pressure to achieve targets, and files that require reading multiple times just to work out what the heads of claim are can be really frustrating. If the ADR department just cannot work out what you are claiming for and why, your claim may ultimately be dismissed.
It is very unlikely that you will be contacted to resolve any confusion, so the onus is on you to clearly state your case the first time. If you are in any doubt about whether you have been clear enough, get someone without any knowledge of your claim to read through your statement before you submit it. If they get all the finer points, you should be absolutely fine.
Tom Derrett is the Principal of Deposit Claim, an experienced deposit protection adjudicator and an expert on the Deposit Protection Schemes. Tom helps landlords to claim money through the deposit protection schemes.

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