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Monday, January 10, 2011

Midlands rental property needed

A Midlands Housing Co-operative (BCHS) is looking for a range of good quality private rental properties in Sandwell, Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton under a private sector leasing scheme.

The properties will be rented from landlords with rents guaranteed for up to 3 years along with repairs and lettings of the property to be taken care of by BCHS.

BCHS is part of the Accord group of Housing Associations.

To find out more.

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Anonymous said...

'repairs and lettings of the property taken care of'. IN terms of PSL speak this means, you will have no voids, but when you take the property back you will find it looks like something entirely different. You'll find smashed in doors have had that 'taken care of' by having vast amounts of fibreglass over the holes. You'll find kitchen worktops in all probability excluded from the arrangement, and of course you'll find the compulsory 350 holes in the wall and totally different decor as these PSL's are used for 'temporary' accommodation, with each tenant ignoring the agreement, putting even more holes in the wall, usually with 6in. screws, and where the PSL with your authority or housing association specfically PRECLUDES redecorating, but where the local authority will say 'we can't tell the tenant how to live'.

I'd sooner eat my own arm then let again to a PSL. Oh and by the way you will probably find you are not insured, as a PSL being allocated tenants is not covered on most property insurance as they recognise that in all probability, being allocated by the local authority means the local authority in seeking to mitigate damage to THEIR property, will put those likely to damage in yours.

Anonymous said...

The LHA rate for a 3-bed house in Birmingham is 595 and I recently increased the rent to 600 for my private long-term tenant. Although he wants a 5-year contract, I've persuaded him to accept a 12-month renewable contract so that we can both be protected by the AST rules.

So, I'm getting more than the LHA rate which will decrease by between 30 and 50 quid from April and I've got a long-term tenant who looks after the property as his own. In the past 14 months, I only paid 60 quid to have the fridge/freezer fixed by a flat fee repair.

The best thing is that I'll be avoiding the damage caused by temporary tenants mentioned above. So no thanks to PSL, I want to remain in control of my properties. I've got all the enforceable guarantees I want and no voids.

Anonymous said...

If you want your property in one piece and its bought with hard earn cash never give your property to BCHS. They are the worst people on the earth to give your property to and also let me tell you they don't repair the property, landlord is responsible for all repairs. Most of their tenants are drug user or with criminal record.I had really bad experience with them so I want every one to be aware of BCHS.
Once you have signed the contract you will have to give them 12 months notice to get your property back. I rather wait for a good tenant and pay the mortgage from my own pocket than giving my property to people like BCHS again.