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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oxford licence on all HMOs

Oxford is the first city to make it mandatory for all shared housing in the private rental sector to be licenced.

The city councils scheme is predicted to cost £3.7m, and will be funded by the licence fees of between £372 and £500 per year dependent on the size of the property.

Oxford City council reports it receives 2000 complaints a year regarding the negative impact of badly ran HMOs.

Any landlords who fail to meet the new licencing requirements could face additional charges, or lose their licence.

Propertyhawk predicts that tenants will see their rents increase by between £372 and £500 once the measures come into action.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I does not supprise me. All councils are looking to increase their income no matter what the cost to industry or anyone else. It would seem to me that the councils are setting themselves up as Judge jury and executioner. What happened to our courts for deciding what is fair and reasonable. Edinburgh had to demolish hundreds of council houses due to poor maintenance yet they concentrate on the private sector only.