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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Every landlord needs M & M

I've recently had a call from one of my longstanding tenants Masten. Yes an unusual name isn't it? Apparently he is named after a prominent American racing driver from the sixties. I'm guessing his dad was a fan. The irony is you couldn't meet a more unracing driver type guy. Masten reminds me more of a post modern Neil from the young ones....definitely not a testosterone driven petrol head.

Masten yet again wants to renew his tenancy. He's been living at my two bed end terrace property for some 6 years now. That makes me very happy - no voids. A landlord should avoid the void at all costs.

Masten has raised a couple of maintenance concerns. One being that he is getting a minor electric shock from one of the socket in the kitchen. Obviously, any electrical safety issue needs to be acted on immediately. Hence my call to Mick.

Now Mick and me go back a long way. Mick is your typical scout leader. High energy, ex airforce have a go at anything guy. He's done a lot of refurb work for me in the past fitting kitchens, bathrooms etc. He's reliable and even better, generally quite cheap.

A simple call to Mick and his response straight away "I'll give him a call tomorrow"

If successful landlording is about anything; it is all about people. It's getting the right long term tenants in like Masten and having the right contacts like Mick that you can rely on to do the occasional maintenance work. Life then, apart from preparing your tax return is relatively simple...

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