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Friday, January 14, 2011

Renting to tenants and pets

Pets in rental property ....... debate.

The Express and Star ( I was a paperboy for this regional newspaper back in the early eighties ) suggests that landlords should review a ban on pets in their rental properties.

In the past I have posted on the downside of renting to dogs, or at least tenants with dogs, which then lead to me receiving a whole bunch of incensed hate mail from the nutty dog lovers brigade. ( you know the ones that don't have kids and think that their springer spaniel actually understands what they're saying.)

However I do feel that I have changed my tune.

You see the one good thing about renting to tenants with dogs is that they are more desperate than the usual fancy free none dog owning tenants, and a desperate tenant doesn't like moving.

Once in a rental property the dog owning tenant is more likely to stay longer.

You see they know how hard it was to find a landlord who would let to them and Mutley in the first place.

Making them far more reticent about going through that whole rejection process again.

Long lets are lovely for landlords, reduced void, more money and less hassle.

You might find when you finally get back your rental property after a nice long let that it has an over-powering smell of damp dog, but you'll get used to it.

My border terrier has a whiff of stale Weetabix........ and to be honest I quite like it.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I would much prefer the smell of stale weetabix to that of curry which has permeated walls, soft furnishings, carpets etc etc!!!