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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sale and rent back regulation

The FSA are finally clamping down on the Sale and Rent Back sector after years of this 'opportunist slime' taking advantage of the less fortunates and gullible in society.

One piece of the new FSA legislation provides a guaranteed security of tenure of the property for an absolute minimum of five years, however this still doesn't provide the supposed lifetime tenure that is usually fraudulently promised by many of these rogues.

For me this is one area of property investment that couldn't be clamped down hard enough, squeeze them until they bleed, that's what I say.

These human ticks deserve to be squeezed and removed from society in the same way I removed one from the neck of my border terrier this morning.

Here's a thought for the day for all those 'sale and rent back' villains out there, if you look in the mirror and shiver at your own reflection maybe now's the time to turn over a new leaf and try and start helping folk..........

.... one lives in hope.

Read about the new FSA regulations on Sale and rent back

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