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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Property guru bites the dust

Another property guru bites the dust.

We have warned Property Hawk users repeatedly about parting with money for advice or anything else from so called property gurus.

For individuals who pertain to be investment experts and give advice to others about how to make money, they have an uncanny knack of going bust themselves.

One such expert is Rhett Lewis.

Rhett certainly set his sights high. By taking one of his courses he promised that he would make you not just a property millionaire but a billionaire. WOW!

Rhett has just petitioned for bankruptcy in Nottingham according to several reports on a property related forum.

If you know more on this please share your experiences.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Rhett certainly set his sights high"

> Well, he isn't going to get anywhere if he sets them low, is he? You have to prioritize in that kinda career. Think BIG. But that might just be the defensive family member in me speaking out.

I'm ridiculously late to this but there's no point in slagging him out because he petitioned for bankruptcy. The U.K is pretty much screwed over, I'm not surprised if others follow suit.

And "so-called property guru"? Now that's just an insult.