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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Restoration property travesty

Anybody watched restoration home?

It's a BBC2 spin or rip off from the excellent grand designs series.

The difference is that they don't have the knowledgeable Kevin Mcloud presenting but a rather clueless
Caroline Quentin.

Last week she watched as some gormless banker type in the home counties rendered his lovely 30s brick pumping station without any of the presenters passing a comment.  This was not restoration but of the worst kind. 

Kevin wouldn't have let the clueless couple get away so lightly.

Watch the program and see what you think.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad to read someone else shares my view - such promise was swept aside, ending in a characterless 'new build' property. The glorious brickwork, the utterly unique interior... ignored. Raped.

And to cap it all, the 'hugely-out-of-her-depth' Quentin enthuses like a naive schoolgirl.

Travesty is putting it mildly.

Can't understand the efforts to show us the history of such a building, then see it evaporate under render and bookcases. Would love to know McCloud's take!