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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hanging too good!

Now I know that vitriol is not attractive trait in any person.

However, sometimes you cannot help yourself.  For instance where tenants may have messed you about or you are unable to get possession of your own property.

In my case today it comes from the frustration of complying with pointless pieces of legislation decide by Eurocrats with no comprehension of the real world.

Property Hawk can  provide a free service for landlords because like many small businesses we all muck in.  To generate income rather than charging for our service to landlords; we take small and I mean small amounts of money in payment for placing the odd link on the site.  In doing this we have found that the service offered by Paypal is ideal for transacting small payments over the Internet.

Paypal bombshell

The other day we were hit by the message from Paypal that we had reached our limit of £1900 transacted in any one year??????/  In order to carry own using the service, we had to supply additional information to comply with EU money laundering legislation.  Until we did that our service was suspended.  Now money laundering legislation was introduced as I'm sure you are aware to stop international drug cartels and organised crime gangs from moving large amount of illegal cash about.  So where has the limit of £1900 come from?  I'm not up with the street value of drugs but I would thin that would equate to a thimble worth of the real stuffs street value.  Hardly enough to hamper the operation of even a small time drugs baron!

Pointless and costless?

The supporters of the Eurocrats and their brood would say bits of legislation like this are costless and only take a few minutes for businesses to comply with.  NO NO NO!  I've already spent several hours duplicating information already publicly available at Companies House.  For what?  Supposedly to stop mister big pushing their millions of illegally generated Euros across Europe.

By me having to comply with this legislation it has already meant that our landlords will get several pieces LESS of possibly useful and hopefully informative information because I've had to waste my time filling in pointless forms.

This legislation costs twice.  Firstly, we pay overpaid lawyers, Eurocrats, politicians to come up with and then implement these crackpot schemes.  Then we pay again as small little businesses like mine have to comply with them.

Good news is we can ditch these laws right?

But the good news is we can always get rid of these bits of legislation by voting for a politician who promises to scrap it can't we?  Well no.  The legislation come out of Europe and therefore who ever you vote for nationally will make no difference.

I refer to the title of this post.  Hanging is too good for perpetrators of useless bits of legislation like this!  We live in a democracy right....?

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1 comment:

Mr Angry said...

Unfortunately, many of our laws are now made by 'professional' politicians. They have a degree in politics or economics, a career path through various government roles, and have never worked in the private sector.

Having never seen how what they think is innocuous legislation hugely effect (especially smaller) businesses, there is no consideration of the massive cost in terms of finding, understanding and complying with legislation.