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Monday, July 04, 2011

LHA landlords - go fishing!

Have you ever been driving some where in a hurry and; then you get stuck behind a car with a fish sticker in the back window!

You can't overtake and you know that the law abiding driver is going to be following every speed restriction and highway regulation known to man.

This brings me on to a meeting I had the other day with a savvy landlord who was also a Christian as it happens.  She told me with great glee that her tip for getting in good LHA tenants in was to get in with the local church.  She has a number of contacts that have given her a steady crop of honest, reliable tenants that have fallen on harder times and who make ideal tenants. I guess an advert on the church notice board could work as well.

The moto of this particular parable is that if landlords want to get good reliable LHA tenants is that they need to have faith and go fishing!

As I'm a atheist I guess this also applies to the temple and the mosque too.

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