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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Landlords prefer Tories shock!

Most landlords prefer the Conservatives policies to Labours.

84% of residential landlords recorded in a recent poll, the Young Index, said that they feel more comfortable with the Tories, with only 13% preferring Labours policies.

I'm guessing that this does not come as much of a surprise to anyone, especially to the Labour government, who have given up chasing the landlords vote.

Choosing instead to use landlords as their electoral whipping boys, in their newly found 'class war' propaganda, hoping to panda to the increasingly large 'have nots' in society.

Has anyone seen Tony Blairs company accounts anywhere? ..funny that.

Life lesson no 102: "Some are more equal than others."

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Ben said...

Is it that obvious, though? Hasn't the biggest bull run in property history been under a Labour Government?

Hawkeye said...

True words Ben, very true words.

Is there any real difference between the parties in the bigger scheme of things?

Cappucino with chocolate or without....